BM Service Horse walkers

A safe and stress free training for your horse, an effective gain of time for you!

A horse walker is extremely suitable to increase your horse's endurance and to create more muscular strength, so that injuries can be prevented.

The horse walkers are driven by an almost maintenance-free drive, are hot dip galvanized, by which a safety-panel takes away all irregularities, so that your horse can exercise in a safe environment.

The drift fences are hanged assembled and are manufactured of solid material.

The BM Service Horse Walkers are professional and well thought-over constructions which focuses on your horse's safety and which are built to last a long time!

Control panels

Our horse walkers are equiped with very user-friendly control panels, which are compliant to the current safety regulations.

The speed can be adjusted between 4 km/h and 20 km/h. The system has also an automatic or manual left-right function.

Extra features can be added to the standard control panel. Such as an extra button to swith on and off the terror stream.