Belgium is the epicenter of the European equestrian world and is known for its expertise in different equestrian-related industries. One of those industries is the installation and maintenance of riding arenas. As an expert in indoor and outdoor arenas, Bart Manderveld from BM Service travels around the world to install and maintain high quality arenas

BM 101 Series

An article written for the Swedish magazine and website of Hippson. Join us as we discuss the importance of a good arena with Henrik Lannér, Christoffer Andersson and Bart Manderveld. And find out why these Swedish riders chose to work with the international company BM Service. Bart Manderveld has a great knowledge in sand, so
Redfield Farm is very enthusiastic about the quality of their arena, built by BM Service. Redfield Farm, located in Ocala, USA, is a big stable where dozens of horses are trained every day. This requires a prepared soil, suitable for all the seasons and the climate. Emil, can you please introduce yourself, including RedField Farm?