Indoor arena with Rain Rail and 2 horse walkers all custom made by BM Service! http://ehs.be/en/home
First this was a football field, then transformed to a Temporary Equestrian Arena by BM Service for the Varberg Volkswagen Grand-Prix Horse Show. After a week of competition, it’s again a football field for the rest of the year! Link to the article in Swedish:… http://hn.se/ny…/varberg/1.4163631-han-fixar-banans-underlag      
Stal Hendrix vertegenwoordigd door Emile en Tim & Bart Manderveld voor BM Service
  One sunny afternoon we travelled to the south of the Netherlands. The beautifully manicured grounds of Stal Hendrix can be found in rural Baarlo. We spoke to father and son Hendrix in the elegant reception room overlooking the indoor arena. Bart Manderveld, manager of BM Service, the company that was responsible for the construction
Ludo Philippaerts & Bart Manderveld
“I haven’t regretted the new outside arena for a second. Better still: I can recommend it to everyone who works with horses on a serious level.” Ludo Philippaerts     Few years ago, stud farm Dorperheide started using a new outside arena with a revolutionary sandy soil. On the occasion of this anniversary we had